Growing Up

What does it mean to grow up?Does it mean high heals and gold silk and satin gracing the bodyin grandiose folds?Does it mean to strut your stuffand fit the mold? That's not me, that's never metalking about fashion and jewellery.For me, to growmeans more than that.You learn to fly with flourishing wingsand know its okay... Continue Reading →


The little worker, working hardFollowing those who came before, showingThose behind.One way to do it, she was told.Being like the rest to fill her role.Work hard but you don’t need playDevote yourself to a point of no controlWhat is “no”? You shouldn’t know. But one day, one fated dayShe stopped. She smelled a rose.So precious,... Continue Reading →


From the very first moment I took your hand, you held on, Firm yet gentle, strong yet soft -- concrete contract To hold, to protect. From that moment to now, five years have flown Yet you hold, still strong. Your gaze, settles upon my face, So fierce with gentle love. The pain, your physical pain,... Continue Reading →

Lost Dreams

A poem on the tragedy of the school shootings the tiny buds trampled upon by wild feet no chance, no choice the nightmare turned reality petals scattered on the wind.


You stand before me, so quiet, contained A house, strong and tall, yet weak within Peering through two windows I quietly spy The hurt, the pain that’s hidden behind The long curtains that quickly drape The going ons from prying eyes, that dare To peek within.   I am those eyes, that gently try To... Continue Reading →

… Blocked

Writer's block a dam, cementing every opening every window, every crack Suffocating the dragons that fly within their menacing wings bashing the gates; Chaining the scurrying villagers, the shining knights the kings of old and future days their sweet escape jammed; Trapping the battles waiting to unfold the princesses to be saved the heroes, the... Continue Reading →

Ramadan – A Small Poem

A silver smile, shining so bright welcoming in the blessed night leading into a glorious month the moon that shown, hardly blunt. the beginning, bringing to a halt the excess consumed to a fault. hold back, fight back the powerful urge to eat to drink and further splurge. Abstinence from what you daily need, the... Continue Reading →


Spring, why are you delayed? Not a bud has poked out a fair head On branches hanging bare in the frigid cold. Spring, where have you hidden your sweet beauty Of flowers, Petals stretching after a long siesta Reaching for the warm smiling sun, The colorful reflection Of your sweet smile.   Where is you... Continue Reading →

Black Day

I don't know what to say, All has been said. Life moves on As a hundred and forty lie dead. Unsuspecting, The tiny little souls, Removed from this world By those without remorse. A gaping wound In the heart of the world. Leaving behind Many hearts to console. Pray for these children, For their families... Continue Reading →

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