Diary of a Fasting Girl: Ramadan, Day Two

June 19, 2015

Annndddd… Not so much…

Well, I mean I started off fasting, stoked for the day to come. I had it all planned out. I was going to wake up, shower, get dressed really nice and offer my Friday (Jumu’ah) Prayers… and that’s how it went, up to the part where I was going to pray. And the migraine happened. It didn’t sneak up on me. I had woken up earlier with a headache, but I had drifted back to sleep, hoping to just sleep it off. But around 1:30 is when it struck, in the middle of my sunnah prayer, combined with a massive heart burn. I freaked out, the pain was so immense. I called my mom in order to regain my composure and to figure out what to do, as the pain was unbearable.

I threw up.

Annnnd that was the end of that fast.

I spent most of the day recovering from that ordeal. The exhaustion from the pain and loss of nutrients and liquids due to the upchuck left me quite weak. All my plans for the day went down the drain.

And that is what we have to remember. Nothing is really in our hands. No matter how much we plan and how hard we try to achieve them, all that is is from Allah (God). I almost lost sight of that today when my fast broke. I started to complain how that was unfair and started feeling bad about my fast breaking. But my awesome mom and sweet husband helped me to remember that all is from Allah, and despite my effort and perseverance, if my fast were to break, it is from Him. InshaAllah (God-willing) I plan on making it( and any others that I miss) up later in the year.

And that was my day. Pretty uneventful after my dramatic episode. I had planned on practicing my coding and reading the next chapter of the seerah (Life story) of the Prophet, but the day crashed pretty early today. All I can say is, InshaAllah, tomorrow!!

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