Spring, why are you delayed?

Not a bud has poked out a fair head

On branches hanging bare in the frigid cold.

Spring, where have you hidden your sweet beauty

Of flowers,

Petals stretching after a long siesta

Reaching for the warm smiling sun,

The colorful reflection

Of your sweet smile.


Where is you warm embrace,

Your sweet serenity?

Your green curtains

Cascading from waving boughs

Sheltering the careful nests,

The hovering mothers.

Where is your soft breath,

Your blustering puffs,

Your sobbing

On humid gloomy days, 

As your tears puddle, 

A play thing for the kids walking past.

Spring, why are you delayed?

Why must you make me wait?

Come out, sweet maiden,

 We crave your sweet fidelity.

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