Ramadan – A Small Poem

A silver smile, shining so bright

welcoming in the blessed night

leading into a glorious month

the moon that shown, hardly blunt.

the beginning, bringing to a halt

the excess consumed to a fault.

hold back, fight back the powerful urge

to eat to drink and further splurge.

Abstinence from what you daily need,

the wants, desires will thus deplete

Remembering the Beloved being

Peace and Blessings be upon him

and how he used to steadfastly fare

in this beautiful month with grace and prayer.

the good that’s done will multiply

the great reward when hard you try

don’t lie, don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t hate

just simple ways to recreate

the qualities that embodied the man

upon whom was revealed the Holy Quran

the book of knowledge, of reverence

the Word of God, the Magnificent

to set the guidelines for a life

a treasure chest full of rich advise,

to be the best you that you can be

as the world progresses continuously.

This month we fast to celebrate

what makes us come above the hate

from dawn to dusk, no water or food

heads bowed in prayer for what is good.

As the sun leaves, we break our fast,

with water and dates and that which is best.

We stand in prayer, united as one

and repeat until the month is done.

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