The Thought Behind Geekaabi WebComics

Storytelling manifests in many different and unique ways, whether it’s through the uneven strokes of a revolutionary oil painting or through the decision-making whirlwind adventures of video games. It may be a succinct telling or an exaggerated saga. Recently, I have discovered the medium of webcomics or web-toons. These are small blips of a larger... Continue Reading →

Lost Dreams

A poem on the tragedy of the school shootings the tiny buds trampled upon by wild feet no chance, no choice the nightmare turned reality petals scattered on the wind.

… Blocked

Writer's block a dam, cementing every opening every window, every crack Suffocating the dragons that fly within their menacing wings bashing the gates; Chaining the scurrying villagers, the shining knights the kings of old and future days their sweet escape jammed; Trapping the battles waiting to unfold the princesses to be saved the heroes, the... Continue Reading →


I am the perseverance that graces my mother’s crown, a woman who lay her life and aspirations to raise her bundle of children. I am her sweat and tears, her tired eyes as she adorns the dining table with her handicrafts, building a home worthy of raising the future influential members of society . I... Continue Reading →

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