Geeky Niqabi. A woman who is a geek, a gamer, a fangirl… but is also a Muslim. Someone who enjoys books, comics, manga, movies, k-dramas… but also covers herself as per the Islamic guidelines. But overall, a complete and utter goofball.

Geekaabi originated on one fated night, as a young woman sat on her bed, loosely grasping a PS4 controller, thinking of the most unique gamer tag, something that would be part of her identity (and something she didn’t regret later in life… like Noobmaster69). She mulled over several names, when all of a sudden, Geekaabi dropped into her head.

It was perfect. She was geeky AND she was niqabi.

That eager young woman loved it so much, it has now become a brand under which she makes art and comics about her life as a Geeky Niqabi — or a Geekaabi.

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