Growing Up

What does it mean to grow up?
Does it mean high heals and gold
silk and satin gracing the body
in grandiose folds?
Does it mean to strut your stuff
and fit the mold?

That's not me, that's never me
talking about fashion and jewellery.

For me, to grow
means more than that.
You learn to fly with flourishing wings
and know its okay to fall flat
But get up again, keep going
knowing that you're growing
and all that.

To grow is to know
of the dynamic world that exists
with languages and food and culture
that sits
all around, in the front and the back
from which you'll find that
there is a place where you'll fit.

Growing old doesn't mean to let go
of the stories
that you heard when you were a child
from books, TV and movies.
Good lessons can be found in
anything around you, so hold back
on your explanations and sorry's.

Growing up means to
let the child inside you thrive
bringing with it all the experiences
it tries to hide.
Own up to who you are
and don't let people deter you.
A true grown up is someone who's
true to what's inside.

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