From the very first moment I took your hand, you held on,
Firm yet gentle, strong yet soft — concrete contract
To hold, to protect.
From that moment to now, five years have flown
Yet you hold, still strong.
Your gaze, settles upon my face,
So fierce with gentle love.
The pain, your physical pain, seems to melt
To fade
When you turn your face to face this face.
Your eyes smile, they crinkle so pure,
Warming my heart, my soul — melting
All my fears, my doubts, my insecurities.
Catching my tears as they escape
The hurting windows, burning with sorrow.
Holding me in a warm embrace,
Til the sadness, oh the sadness
Ebs away.
And leaves warmth in its place.
I never thought that I could love any person
The way that I love you.
I never thought that my husband would be
My best friend too.
The person I wake to, whose gentle smile
Is my sunlight,
Whose laughter makes my heart skip a beat
And sends shivers up my spine.
My wall, standing beside me
–there or not, near or far —
Pushing me, pulling me, helping me
Be me, be the best me.
Bursting with pride at even the smallest thing.
My favorite cheerleader, my best friend.

For the five beautiful years I have had the honor and gift of being your wife, best friend, and constant companion…

…Happy 5 Year Anniversary

2 thoughts on “Five

  1. 😘😘😘 Mashallah! Congrats to you both and wishing you many, many, many, happy years to come Inshallah!!!!
    PS. this made me cry… almost

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  2. Mashallah 😍! Congratulations for the both of you! May Allah bless you both with happiness and everlasting love for each other in the good and also in the bad.
    I also have to agree with yumna that it made feel happy and that we should pray for those who are still married for happiness in their life lives.

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