Blackout — Part One

I should've gotten the hint when the lights started flickering as I lounged on my couch Saturday night, a pencil tucked behind my ear as I read through the rough draft of my English dissertation, focusing every fiber of my being to make it perfect. Ginger was curled up on my legs, purring in contention.... Continue Reading →

You’re It!

I dodged behind the tall bush and stood completely still, listening for the feet thudding on the pavement to pass by, although at this point, I couldn’t differentiate between that and my heart hammering against my chest. Breathing through my nose so as not to expose my position, I peeked around the bush to check... Continue Reading →


The door slammed as two ladies entered the cafe, sending the welcome bells in a wild frenzy, bringing in a smog of tension that penetrated the farthest corner of  the room. They flew past my seat to the booth in front of where I sat, setting themselves down, the silence between them deafening. The waitress... Continue Reading →

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