From the very first moment I took your hand, you held on, Firm yet gentle, strong yet soft — concrete contract To hold, to protect. From that moment to now, five years have flown Yet you hold, still strong. Your gaze, settles upon my face, So fierce with gentle love. The pain, your physical pain, seems to melt To fade When you turn your face … Continue reading Five

Diary of a Fasting Girl — Day 9 (Super Delayed)

Board-games, Shady Restaurant, and a Yummy Pit Stop — It’s a Date!! Events of May 25, 2018 After several hectic days of tight scheduling and bad sleep patterns, it all starts weighing down on me. This phenomenon is what I called the “Flerp Days,” days where it becomes hard for me to focus on anything, with the brain working at half its normal rate and … Continue reading Diary of a Fasting Girl — Day 9 (Super Delayed)