Diary of a Fasting Girl — Day 6 (2018)

Tuesday May 22, 2018

After three long years, I am back to writing diary style blogs this Ramadan (laziness took a hold of me the past two years that I just recently shook off). Also you might be wondering why I’m starting on Day 6 rather than day one. Let’s just say, I finally got a cup of coffee in me after 5 days, literally kick-starting me and slapping me awake from a zombie-like stupor.

The first five days of the fast went well, Alhumdulillah ( by the Grace of God). My sleep is a little out of wack and I get a bit tired, but otherwise I am doing great. I will say that this Ramadan is definitely better than a the past few years. This year I have prioritized me, making a schedule for myself that helps me get all my goals accomplished. I have started documenting these goals in my daily planner, so that they are constantly in front of my face, poking me when I get lazy, to offer my salah (the five daily prayers) on time or to recite some Quran ( our Holy Book). But Ramadan is not only about extra worship or the physical fast. By physically fasting and abstaining from that which is good (food, water, and spousal intimacy) from dawn til dusk, the ability to fast from things that are harmful (backbiting, gossip, idle talk, lying, cheating, swearing,etc) becomes easier, although it is still harder than fasting from food and water. Basically, this is a reset for our moral compasses, focusing on all the beneficial aspects of being a human and trying our best to be the best that we can be.

Anyway, so it’s just been that interlaced with Iftar preps (meal to break fast), Suhoor preps ( meal eaten before dawn before the fast starts), Taraweeh (congregational night prayers in which the Quran is recited from start to finish over the span of 29/30 days. They are not mandatory but help get the community into the spirit of Ramadan), and personal daily duties and courses. Yeah, pretty hectic. So much so, I made the decision to not touch Overwatch for the month, as it is soooooo addictive and will definitely get in the way of an amazing experience.

The taraweeh experience has been really good, as there are multiple congregations held at nearby schools, which gives the hubby and I a chance to get a nice long walk in after. We get anywhere between 3 to 4 kilometers in almost every night, which is a blessing in it self, as getting some exercise during this month is super hard.

That has been my experience for the first five days. I will do my best to keep an updated account of this Ramadan and hopefully other posts under stories and poetry!!


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