Diary of a Fasting Girl: Ramadan, Day Fifteen and Sixteen

July 2 and July 3, 2015

Another Double Post

It’s so hard to make time to write these days, what with fasting, worship, coding courses and kitchen discourses. Whatever window of time that is presented to me, I open it and jump through it, flying through the highlights of my days, whether its working on this blog or small tweets and status updates on Twitter(@nuzairasaim) and Facebook.Today and yesterday were no exceptions.

Yesterday flew by without loitering even a bit, with coding as its left wing and cooking as its right.

Coding is getting harder by the day, which also means that what I am learning can be viewed with the lense of how I can apply the code in web designing. It’s really another experience, coding is. The more I code and learn, the more I realize how this world and universe is like the perfect code of Allah(God). In coding, there must be no errors for the code to run. And that means the type of function you put and where or even the slightest thing like the placement of commas, semi-colons, and colons, the difference between a space and no space, and whether it’s written in lowercase or uppercase. You can write thousands of lines of code and if you even misplace a single period, the code crashes and sends an error (which is super annoying).

That gets me thinking…the universe, this world within the universe, the life forms that fill this world, and us — we are all programmed with such an intricate code. Millions of years ago this was all created with such perfection, with no errors. The Earth was in a balance, the circle of life continued. However, our creation (which is also very beautiful and intricate) is a stand alone factor. We were introduced into this perfect program, but with a choice: either integrate harmoniously with the balance of the program or live like a virus, hacking away at the original code until it crashes.

Heeheee, those who know me would say that I would  find God even in coding. And why not? As a Muslim, I have a prescribed method in the remembrance of God, but I am not limited to that. If you look for Him, you will find Him.

Annual Downtown Toronto Iftar Date with the Hubby


I act like its an official tradition, but its actually all in my head. Haha, I just joke. Its a semi-official tradition that we kind of started last year. In all honesty, its more of a need than a want. In all the hubbub of Ramadan and preps and worship, not to mention regular chores, my poor hubby get super neglected by me. I know Ramadan is generally a busy time and the worship (in form of prayer and Quran recitation) is important, but taking care of your spouse, making sure that they are looked after, making sure that they feel loved and wanted, this is all part of worship in Islam. The happiness of the spouse in Islam is super important, so much so that if a husband falls asleep angry with his wife, the angels curse the woman.

I am not trying to justify anything except that if kitchen work in Ramadan is easily counted as worship, which takes time away from actual worship, the aspect that is declared an equivalent of worship is pooh-poohed by all. #JustSaying …

Anyhoo, Saim and I had decided that we would go to downtown today and have iftar there. It was a magical time, as we walked leisurely around the city, relaxing in its beautiful parks, shopping for books and comics, and stumbling across awesomely priced Starbucks House Blend K-Cups. I have been to this city many times now but it never bores me. Its not for the activities that I enjoy going there, its because I get to spend time with the man I love and hold dear, talking about things that are on our minds, discussing societal conundrums , and occasionally the fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Today, while walking through the Yonge and Dundas Square, I spied with my small brown eyes MINIONS!! Well, posters to be exact, but Minions all the same! I know, I know, very childish of me, blah, blah, blah. I can hear you thinking that already. I don’t really care. I love Minions, I will cry to the world unashamedly and unabashedly. Do what you want, no one can change that, so deal with it! Anyway, you can just see me, whipping out my camera to snap away pictures of that amazing sight.


Sigh. They are so cute… The way they smile, the silliness of their logic… Love it!! And here is my hubby also snapping away pictures of this awesome display. BEST. HUSBAND. EVER.



After that brief euphoric encounter, we trekked our way to this yummy joint that we all know and love as Popeyes ( I love Canada, by the way). And ordered out usual, spicy chicken sandwich with sides of fries and mashed potatoes. Alhumdulillah, we opened our fast and gobbled up our food in no time. Om Nom Nom!!




After that, we stopped at our favorite bookstore, BMV, which sells used books. My favorite part about this store is its four red carts, full of books ranging from $.50 to $2. Ya. And they are not lame books that no body reads (and if you are that person, I apologize for my above comment).They are filled with amazing books, from Harry Potter to philosophical books, from comics to recipe book. Love love LOVE poring through the collections.

After that we walked around a bit more, enjoying the sweet summer night, walking under the black velvety sky, loving every second of it. Below are some pictures I took on our meandering walk.



Statue of a  Cute Family


The Shadow Matrix


Peace and Harmony


The Beautiful Spire of The CN Tower 

Alrighty then, I am super sleepy now. Gonna go conk out. Have a lovely day!

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