Diary of a Fasting Girl: Ramadan, Day Four

June 21, 2015

The Fasting Girl is Back at Fast!!!

OOOOOOHHHHH YAAA!!! I am back in the fasting game!!! Alhumdulillah after yesterday’s care and rest, I was able to get up and keep a fast today! It has been good, no aches or worries. Goes to show how problems of yesterday are just that — the past. We just have to keep moving forward, with plans for our tomorrow and trust in Allah.

Alhumdulillah the day was good in terms of the fast. I had no issues, except maybe i became parched real fast. But I think that’s just the side-effect of the meds that I am taking for the tummy. I think I just need to have that two hours rest before suhoor, because a 18 hour day, which is mostly spent fasting, is just too exhausting. InshaAllah, though, I know I’ll be able to do the nights worship in the last 10 nights — night hours, not too shabby!

Today’s iftar was, MashaAllah ( By God’s Will) full of barakah.


My mother-in-law made some yummy South Asian treats called Kachori, which are kind of like small, flat dumplings filled with either a savory filling (potatoes with Indian spices) or sweet filling. She also made some Dahi Bara, a yogurt-based dish. Along with that, my husband’s cousin had brought over some garlic rolls, which we complemented with Popeyes Chicken. And along-side that, there was some watermelon and leftovers from the day before. MashaAllah, it was a table spread fit for a king!

Just getting back in the flow of fasting was the goal of today and alhumdulillah, it went well!!

InshaAllah, tomorrow, I want to get back to my courses, my reading, and properly blog about the awesome apps I have discovered that pertain to Ramadan and Muslims. Also, I want to tell you guys about the book I am reading,In the Footsteps of the Prophet,by Tariq Ramadan. InshaAllah, that will be tomorrow’s talk!!

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