Diary of a Fasting Girl: Ramadan, Day Three

June 20, 2015

When the Tummy is dowwwnnn…

There’s something to be said about tummy issues. When the tummy isn’t feeling well, the day automatically rolls downhill.

It hurts. Life looks gloomy and all activities seem arduous.

The content-ness of the tummy is super important and since most of the time it is content, we take the peace for granted. And the pain is such that it’s not apparent to the passer-byer. And since it isn’t apparent, it passes from under the radar of consideration and is forgotten.  Props to all the people who have to deal with stomach issues on a daily basis. You guys are my heroes. You all take that pain a day at a time and keep going!!

That being said, I was unable to fast today due to my upset tummy and waves of heartburn. But alhumdulillah, with great care and rest, the tummy is now feeling much better and ready for the task of fasting tomorrow, InshaAllah.

However… just because I was unable to fast today, did not mean that I wasn’t able to put in the same quality of worship and prayer. I offered all my salah (the Five Daily Prayers), taking it slow and steady and made sure that I recited some Quran, no matter how yuck I was feeling.

Which leads into what I want to say. Just because someone is not able to physically fast, pray, or recite Quran, does not mean there aren’t ways to keep worshipping Allah. In all honesty, life doesn’t stop just because it’s Ramadan. We all have school, work, family, etc. We all have to prepare Iftar(meal for breaking fast) and Suhoor (meal eaten before fast closes at dawn). Just because we can’t sit down with the Quran or offer Nafl salah (voluntary prayers). In those times, the remembrance of Allah with the use of your tongue takes precedence. Doing dhikr (remembrance in form of repeating attributes of Allah or praise of Allah), making du’aa (supplication), memorizing surah (portions of the Quran) are also forms of worship, as are giving charity and  doing good deeds only to please Allah. InshaAllah, Allah see your intentions and rewards you accordingly, for He knows your state of being.

 So don’t let excuses get in the way of your worship and don’t ignore and neglect the world and people around you in the name of worship. Find the middle way!

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