The Thought Behind Geekaabi WebComics

Storytelling manifests in many different and unique ways, whether it’s through the uneven strokes of a revolutionary oil painting or through the decision-making whirlwind adventures of video games. It may be a succinct telling or an exaggerated saga. Recently, I have discovered the medium of webcomics or web-toons. These are small blips of a larger tale expressed in anywhere from 2-10 panels. They aren’t meant to carry a huge story ( though some people may choose to make the different episodes part of a continuous tale); rather, they portray glimpses into a larger unseen story. Personally, this suits my style of storytelling. My mind is such that I have trouble creating stories with long-winding arches, hooks and anticipation. For me, I like mediums in which I don’t have to draw out what I am trying to say. For this reason, short stories and poetry have always been something I enjoyed and the reason I find blogging enjoyable.

After being struck by inspiration (thank you, amazing web-cartoonists – there are way too many to list here but @YesImHotInThis – Huda Fahmy – has been a major inspiration), the next thing was to figure out the content of the comics. This was a little bit hard, as there are already hundreds upon hundreds of of web-comics already in existence and to shine even a little in that pot of gold, I needed mine to be a bit more unique, something that hadn’t been done. It had to be interesting, fun, quirky and different all at once. Cue the Thinking Caps. In this, something one of my writing professors had said came to me.

Write about what you know about, what is close to home.

That is where I got the idea for Geekaabi vs The World webcomics. Geekaabi is the conglomeration of the words “Geeky” and “Niqabi”, a word that I originally created as my PS4 gamertag but evolved into an identity of sorts. This name encompasses who I am: A practicing Muslim girl who also partakes in the joys of Geek Culture – like video-gaming, superheroes, fantasy, comics, etc – all the while wearing the Niqab. The goal of my webcomics is two-fold. First goal is to break the stigma around Niqab and Niqabis. The way we choose to dress does not hold us back. And secondly, to loudly embrace all parts of me, whether it’s the me that loves to game or enjoys Islamic Lectures at conventions or the one that loves the ongoing Marvel saga or the me that tries my best to be the best Muslim I can be.

Geekaabi Goes To RIS 
(Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference)

Geekaabi vs the World is my story, my narrative. Unadulterated.

Geekaabi vs. The World WebComics

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