The Unrelenting Reach of Moira

As a D.Va main in the game of Overwatch, there are many characters that are super annoying to play against and some that downright counter a D.Va player. The Fusion Rockets are great when getting up and personal with the baddies, but they lack serious range which makes D.Va vulnerable to a list of heroes.

Mei’s Endothermic Blaster, for example, will freeze you in place over and over as the sweet demon dances around your cumbersome Meka until she’s got you ejecting out of there. But you would think that that may be a saving grace but no. A good Mei will freeze you before you even hit the ground after the ejection, giving you a devilish smile as she head shots you to oblivion with one of her deadly Icicles. Or Symmetra’s Photon Projector that locks on with a beam worse than sticky bubblegum stuck in your hair. At least you can boost away from her reach. But the worst of the worst? Moira.

Here’s why.

Imagine, you’re trying your best to hold the point while your teammates try their hardest to make their way back to you, thinking that maybe the enemy team won’t get back before they do when you notice something. Your life force is slowly draining away, inexplicably. But then you hear it! That soul-sucking slurp, like a kid sucking on a the straw, trying to drain the last of her Slurpee. And then you see it, the Biotic Orb, like a runaway violet balloon, casually floating past, shrinking as it sponges up the life force of anyone it came across. You take some comfort in the tiny green chevrons advancing towards you, knowing your team will be there to have your back in no time, but then something catches your eye.

A tall, lanky woman has materialized out of no where, her hair swaying gently in the breeze, like an orange flame. Her sinister thin lips curl in disgust, her two-colored eyes narrowing. Then she pounces, her long, sharp nails extended with ill-purpose towards you. She sends forth her Biotic Grasp, a snaking purple force that attaches to you like a giant leech and seeps you, little by little of whatever energy that remains within your nearly empty vessel. You do your best to back away, but the hold is strong. If you dare try and boost, don’t be surprised when she Fades and reappears next to you, where ever you may have tried to escape. Low on health and you’re hiding? Don’t worry, she’ll send her Biotic Orb to find you. You say you’re shooting her while she’s latched on to you? Just stop your futile attempt as your life force only makes her stronger.

It would be a miracle if you managed to escape her unbelievable grasp and make it to the safety of one of your healers or a health pack. You see why she is the worst of the worst of D.Va’s counters? Aw, hell, anyone’s counter? Woe the game you have her as your enemy.

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