Diary of a Fasting Girl: Ramadan, Day Twelve/Thirteen/Fourteen

June 29, 30, and July 1, 2015

**I haven’t been able to make daily posts for the past couple of days due to busy-ness and tiredness resulting from that busy-ness. And tonight, due to the tiredness, I am unable to take a nap before suhoor. And that means that I’ll be conked out til at least 1 o’ clock, so I’m going to quickly try to finish this post before suhoor.  In funny ways, the world does work. Alhumdulillah, my fasts have been going well, with no heartburn or acidity. I have been eating more fully, with a proper dinner and all, so I think that’s what I needed to do. Any way, I’m just going to share the highlights of the past three days in the next 20 minutes. 

WordPress Makeover

I spent the day Monday trying to make my WordPress look nice, and if I do say so myself, I have succeeded. I felt that the bright colors of my original page were kind of tacky rather than professional and the theme did not provide the flexibility that I was looking for in the ways of organizing my posts so that you all know where to look for specific posts, especially since I plan on doing reviews for apps and tech and such, inshaAllah. Feel free to look around my page to gain a brand new experience!!

Sfeeha and Other Things

Monday, I was also feeling a bit adventurous in terms of cooking and decided to try making these Middle-eastern meat pies called Sfeeha (click on the name to get the recipe at Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun.) I’m not one for baking, and usually don’t enjoy cooking much, but I wanted to give this recipe a whirl. It looked easy to make, looked filling, and yummy.

It didn’t turn out too bad. The dough was kneaded to a perfection and when baked, the bread came out light and fluffy. The filling, which I made using chicken mince rather minced beef, turned out yummy and different, with a slight tang to the flavor.

It actually lasted us a couple of days, making a filling meal not only for iftar, but also for suhoor.


Tuesday, I made some yummy three-tiered sandwiches, each layer containing a different type and color of filling. The colors were green, red, and yellow: green was composed of chicken, mayo, cilantro, capsicum, salt and pepper, with additional green coloring to make the color more vivid; red was composed of chicken, mayo, sriracha sauce, salt and pepper, with extra red food coloring to make the color stand out; and finally, the yellow was composed of boiled eggs, mustard, salt and pepper.

They turned out super yummy!!



Not only that, I also used some of the red paste to make bite-size pinwheel sandwiches.


Biryani Surprise

So for a couple of weeks now, I have been craving biryani like no other. I would just make it, but that would require me to actually, you know, make it. It’s barely easy on a regular day, but on the days when I am fasting and already spend enough time in the kitchen for iftar and suhoor, the idea of making it is not appealing at all.

Anyway, going back several weeks, my father-in-law (whom I call Abbu, which means Dad in Urdu) had promised me biryani due to the fact that when we had gone out to eat at a Pakistani Restaurant for my in-laws anniversary, the place had run out of biryani, leaving a deflated me to eat the other yummy food. He had been trying to get it for me for weeks but things always come up and what with Ramadan, it’s harder for him to make extra trips. But yesterday he surprised me with the biryani!!! And it was,by far, the best biryani I have ever tasted. Om nom nom!


Aite All…

My twenty minutes are up! Hopefully,I will get my Day 15 post published on time and will work on it with a clear and un-rushed mind!

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